e Insurance A/c

What is e insurance ?

e Insurance Account (e IA) is the first step to powering your insurance policies. Once you have an e IA, you can buy and keep all your insurance policies from any insurer in electronic mode. You need to have only one e IA for all your policies and it comes with an unique e Insurance Account number. Each e Insurance account holder will get an unique Login ID and Password to access his account and electronic policy details online

you can view your policy details any time! You can pay premium for all your Insurance policies online and even log in service requests and complaints, if you have any.

If you already have insurance policies, you can convert your existing policies into electronic mode by submitting a request for conversion along with the application for opening an eIA. If you are planning to buy a new insurance policy any time soon, it’s best to open an e IA at the same time and opt for an electronic policy. Once you have an e IA, your documentation for buying a policy will be much simpler. So even if you are undecided about your policy, you can still open an eIA and quote your eIA number when you decide to buy a new policy!

Your policies remain safe and secure in our repository - so you have the peace of mind that you always desired! Download an e IA opening form now or you can fill out an application online!

That’s not all!! Opening and maintaining an e Insurance Account is absolutely FREE ( No fine prints , no shocks !! )

So, what are you waiting for? Open an e Insurance Account Now! And discover a whole new world of insurance policy service!